We’re in!

It has been a ridiculous couple of months, the house is complete and we have moved in just before Christmas!


We also got a little puppy just to make Christmas that little bit more busy!

While we are still getting settled and moving things in and out, working out what we want in what room etc. We definitely wanted to get started on the basics so I just mixed up some rye flour and some wheat flour to start our sourdough starter.

Can’t wait to bake with this!

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A look back to the previous years!

It has been a crazy few years for us, travelling, marriage, changing jobs and moving house, buying land and this year (finally) building our home on our glorious 9 acres!


With all the stressful changes and negative events, I thought it only fitting to highlight the good things that we have experienced in food, drink and our garden (even it if was just a few pots next to the pool).

From the brewing of countless brews, some great breads (some not so great), smoked meats.. it is the things the rest of the world has enjoyed for centuries! Here are some photos of a few of the highlights of the last few years.

With all that has gone, and all that is to come – to the old friends and the new – Prost!