We’re in!

It has been a ridiculous couple of months, the house is complete and we have moved in just before Christmas!


We also got a little puppy just to make Christmas that little bit more busy!

While we are still getting settled and moving things in and out, working out what we want in what room etc. We definitely wanted to get started on the basics so I just mixed up some rye flour and some wheat flour to start our sourdough starter.

Can’t wait to bake with this!

Before the winter weather starts hitting, I’ll be looking to get the wood shed built, and will spend the time in the shed brewing and getting the garden beds ready to put in place.

With the bare root tree stock coming through in winter, it will also be a good time to get some of our fruit trees planted a bit cheaper. We can are thinking cherries, an apple variety or two, lemon and lime are a must (one of my good friends had been growing these for me to get them ready!) and I think a few berries would be nice.

The main garden will be vegetables but I know Bek wants to have an abundance of floral colours as often as we can.

I planned some chives and thyme today into pots for the kitchen, just to get us started, I also have some dill and parsley, and want to get some sage in for winter smoked sausages!

More to come.. For now, enjoy the misty summer sunrise!

Misty Summer Sunrise




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