Strawberry Wine

Winter Kraut & Strawberry Wine

Winter is coming.. so is flu season as seen at my work recently, it seemKraut-1.jpgs like every single person has been off for a couple of days the last few weeks!

With the cooler weather fast approaching and the bugs that get spread around with it i thought it would be a good idea to get some more Sauerkraut started for the probiotic goodness it holds. Just some cabbage, carrots and salt to keep it simple, and yes, that IS a pickle pipe. Those things are great!

I’d love to get a nice big crock to ferment this in but in this rental we just don’t have the space – hence the small amount.

Also, if anyone is in NSW and interested in learning about traditional methods of food preparation like fermentation, sourdough baking, cheeses etc or more practical skills from blacksmithing through to rocket stoves, biodynamics and orchard management etc. Then check out the Scythe Australia website for information on their next Sustainable Living Weekend. This is an annual event which I am yet to go to!

Click here for April 2017

As I said, I haven’t been, I have been holding off until we get our house built so I can pick up one of their crocks and scythes while I am there!

A couple of weeks ago when I was walking through Costco, I noticed a 1.8kg bag of organic Strawberries and decided to make a wine from them!Wine-1.jpg

If you haven’t tried fruit wine, definitely give it a go! They are delicious, I’ve had some good examples from small Tasmanian fruit farms/wineries so I decided to give it a go.

Basically 2kg of Strawberries, 1kg of white sugar (next time I’ll use honey) and some yeast. I went with Lalvin 71b which is known for adding fruity esters and enhancing the fruity characteristics of the wines it makes. Its also known for being a rapid starter – I can first hand attest to that, I had fruit krausen exploding everywhere by the end of the day!

Here is a pic after its died down a bit. I am hoping to end up with around 3L bottled, once I rack this one I’ll start another small batch fermentation of some kind. Maybe I should do some bread Kvass?! Any suggestions?


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